sheik Zayed grand mosque abu

The biggest and most beautiful mosque in the world. Where 40000 thousand of people can offer namaz together.the third great mosque sheik Zayed grand mosque abu. 

All the world’s third-largest sheik Zayed grand mosque. This mosque holds a special place for Muslims all over the world. This white-colored mosque is a striking example of artisans who comes to the beautiful mosques of the world.

Sheikh Zayed grand mosque is the third largest mosque in Saudi Arabia after the mosques of mecca and medina. In the sheik Zayed grand mosque, 40000 people offer namaz simultaneously.

In the biggest hall of this mosque, 7000 thousand of people can offer namaz at the same time. Its construction was started in 1996 by sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the former ruler of the UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is spread over an area of about 12 acres. The main reason behind building this mosque was to bring Islamic religion and customs into one place. Where the diversity of Islam can be shown.

Built-in 12 year

Marble from makrana of Rajasthan was used to make the sheik Zayed grand mosque. Apart from marble, Kota’s makrana, gold, sami-precious, stones, crystals, and ceramics were used. It took 12 years to build this mosque, and artisans were called from countries like India, china, morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Britain, Malaysia, etc.

masterpiece of workmanship

Artisans were called from all over the world to design and build the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The construction work of this mosque started in 1996 and took about 12 years to complete. This mosque was built with an expenditure of about 545 million dollars i.e. about 3 thousand crore rupees.

About 38 renowned companies carried out its design and construction work and employed more than 3,000 workers. Marble, gold, precious stones, crystal and ceramics have been used in its construction

Gold coating inside the mosque

Gold coating and carvings have been done inside the mosque. The height of the main dome of this mosque is 75 meters and the length is 32 meters. Calligraphy has been done on the wall and pillars of the mosque. The 99 names of Allah are written very beautifully. The main hole of the mosque is the largest carpet hole in the world.

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