Palm Jumeirah has the world’s best islands beaches and residence

Friends, today we are going to tell you about Palm Jumeirah through the medium of this article. Palm Jumeirah is one of the most popular places in Dubai.
The Palm Jumeirah is set in the sea of ​​Dubai. To make Palm Jumeirah, stones were laid in the sea. Still, no cement was used to build the Palm Jumeirah. 5,500,000 square meters of granite stone were used to build the Palm Jumeirah. Along with the stone, 94,000,000 square meters of sand have also been used in the construction of the Palm Jumeirah. The Palm Jumeirah has established itself as the world’s largest artificial island on Earth.
The idea of ​​building an artificial island in the Gulf of Dubai first came to the mind of UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The construction of Palm Jumeirah started in 2001. After about 4 to 5 years, in 2005, the construction work of Palm Jumeirah was completed.
When it was decided to make Palm Jumeirah, it was decided that such a stone would be used in the construction of Palm Jumeirah, which would not spoil the stone in water for many years. There should be no harm to the stone and the engineer who was assigned the task of making Palm Jumeirah started looking for such a stone.
The stone is not damaged in water. Samples of stones from many countries of the world were sold to Dubai but none of the stones were successful.

Palm Jumeirah is made of Indian stone

palm jumeirah

you will be surprised to know that no steel or cement has been used to strengthen such a heavy island built in the middle of the sea. The base of this island is made of sand and rock and it is the same rock that is found in the country of India. Which we also know by the name of granite.

When it was decided to build the Palm Jumeirah, experts also agreed that this stone would be used for the island. The stone does not get spoiled in water. After which engineers started searching for such stones all over the world. Samples were started to be sent to Dubai from different places of the world but the rocks and stones coming from most of the countries failed.

None of these stones was such that they could last for many years. After this, the stone samples from the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India were sent to Dubai for Palm Island and the engineers found the Chhatarpur stone successful. After which Dubai started ordering stones from India.

Soon after that, to meet the huge demand of Dubai in Chhatarpur, stones were manufactured the cutting started and when all the stones were completely ready then those stones were first sent from Chhatarpur to Gujarat. The size of those stones was 30-35 feet and the weight of each stone was 40-45 tonnes.

This is the reason why it took more than two months for such a large quantity of stones to reach Gujarat only. After which those stones were transported to Dubai by ship from the port of Gujarat. After which the foundation of Palm Island was laid with those granite stones. Even today, Palm Island is built on the foundation of granite stone sent from the Chhatarpur district.

Palm Jumeirah’s environmental impact

When the foundation of the palm island was ready, then the process of filling sand in it started. You would be surprised to know that Dubai itself is situated in a sand dune.

Despite this, sand was brought from somewhere else to make Palm Island. The engineers said that the sand in Dubai dissolves easily in water and such a big island can never be covered with the sand in Dubai.

After this, it was decided to extract sand from the Persian Gulf and then 130 million cubic meters of sand was taken out of the Persian Gulf. After extracting sand from the Persian Gulf, more than 8 million tons of mountain rocks were excavated from thousands of mountains in the United Arab Emirates

That is, by filling 130 million cubic meters of sand and more than 8 million rocks, the land was prepared inside the sea. A wall 2 meters high can be built thrice on the circumference of the earth. Engineers believed that when the construction of this island was started, first of all, its 11 km long moon-like outer part was made.

so that the palm island inside can bear the sea waves and strong wind When the formation of the island started, the engineers used to see its picture through satellite to see whether the island is being formed properly or not.

So that the front part of this island can be constructed properly because if any mistake is made then it could be very difficult to rectify that mistake.

On the one hand, while monitoring was done from above through satellite, on the other hand, a team of hundreds of divers used to constantly keep an eye inside the sea that the land of the island was not slipping from somewhere or the sand was not falling from anywhere. 

In this way,the man-made island that the rich people of Dubai had dreamed of in the year 1990, started working on it in 2001, and by the time 2004 came, the engineers had set up a new house on the chest of the sea and Plots had also started selling on it. After which the construction work started on that man-made island in the year 2006. 

And in the year 2007, the first person settled on that island. Till now 22 years have passed on that island. That island is no less than a wonder for the whole world because there is no such human island anywhere in the whole world.

This island is made exactly like a palm tree. To see the wonderful texture of this island, tourists have to resort to helicopters and all this is becoming a new option for Dubai’s earnings. Even the smallest house built on that island costs crores of rupees

Drowning, Palm Jumeirah

The bad effect of tampering with nature by the people of Dubai has already started showing. On one hand, the population of the world is increasing rapidly and people are running towards the city in the greed of living a good life.

The population of the city is increasing continuously and in such a situation the biggest problem is facing those cities which are situated on the sea shore.

But after the arrival of new technology, the sea is not a problem for humans but an option. Rich cities around the world have now started making human habitation on the sea.

Many experts say that ever since humans started interfering in the sea, many sea creatures are on the verge of extinction. No matter how strong the Palm Jumeirah of Dubai has become, it is continuously sinking in water.

Many researchers around the world say that Palm Island is sinking in the sea at the rate of 0.3 inches every year and on the other hand due to so much pressure that whenever the land inside the sea shakes, it is not known that that time the island will remain. What will happen to the person with

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