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The Museum of the future best designer

Friends, today we will tell about the museum of the future, museum of the future is located in Dubai in Uae. Uae is the only country in the world that has surprised the whole world with its development. Once upon a time, there was only sand here, today it is a tourist destination of the world.

Friends, in today’s post, we will talk about the most beautiful building in the world, the museum of the future, which is important from the point of view of future tourists.

Museum of the future for all people 23feb. Has been opened. It is a circular building; every part of it indicates something or the other like its circular part shows towards humanity, its lower part shows the earth, and the middle part shows the zero of this building. near the world-famous Dubai mall.
Design fort was designed by a design architect and constructed by buro Happold engineering consultancy.
To make this building, stainless steel was made as the basis, this museum is spread over 30548 square meters.

Tickets fees

This building has been made for tourists so that more and more people come to visit Dubai. This museum opens at 10 A.M. and remains open till 6 P. M. Let’s look at its ticket.
For children below 3 years = 0
For children above 3 years=145
Persons with disabilities    =0

Museum of the future science project

It has 7 levels, and fermenting things are seen at every level, in this place The people of science and technology have been told. It has been told about the future and present related to technology. This place is osm. This is the image of the future.
This building is quite magical. Its structure is quite complicated everything is written in Arabic on the walls of this building. This building is present on many floors. On its walls, there are words written by the ruler here.

The Museum of the future has many floors

1. Ground floor:-

                                   The culture of Dubai has been told on its ground floor. It has been told about many interesting, artifacts and products. The design of the museum of the future is also available on this ground floor.

2. first floor:- future heroes

     Future heroes have been told on this floor. Life sub places cool future street is told in this room. This room looks cool at Marcin civilization place.
There are a lot of cool and exciting things in this room. In this room, the ground where the child will play in the future has been told. It explains the working of human sensors.

3. second floor:- tomorrow today

 Many strict things of the future are present on this floor. On this floor it has been told about living in space, in this, the design of future strict Audi cars has been told. In this, the Volkswagen group Cedric Robot has been told. A shoot has been shown on this floor, which will take you away if you are stuck in traffic.
 It has a bionic soft hand and a 2.0 robot, whose work is done by human hands, that robot also does the same work. It has a bird robot that works as a drone. In this, a dog robot cyber dog robot has been told. In this, it has been shown to use non-plastic bags in place of plastic bags in the future. museum of the future in Dubai in UAE.

  4. third floor:-AL waha

the floor in the room on the floor looks like a desert .there is vibration in this room which, makes you feel cool and this, water makes you go gravity against it. in this, you feel cool and relaxed.

5. fourth floor:- Heal institute

wonderful pieces of art have been told about the things of art on this floor. the feeling of nature is felt in the room on this floor. in one room of this floor, the amazon green forest has been explained.
there is a laboratory room on this floor. an observatory, in this whatever practical has to be done in the laboratory room. A fire-resistant tree is also present in it.

6. Five floors:-

     It feels like going in a spacecraft to go to this level. Its design is very creative. It looks like a 3’D model. It feels like we are in alien space. The solar system is installed in this room. The sun is depicted in it. Planets have been shown around it. In this, the discovery made by many scientists has been told.                                                                         

7. Six floor :- vimingdick

The most wonderful room of the museum of the future. Everything in it is written in Arabic. The structure of this museum is like a loop. This is a very big building.
So, friends, we are back after visiting this place. An amazing experience.
The main reason for making this place was to add experience. The future project is shown in it.

Importance of the place:-

Many people think that this is a tourist place but along with this tourist place. The strict development of the future has been told. It changes the mind of science people.

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