Whether you're looking for a particular cuisine, or just looking for a nearby place to eat, you can find a suitable place in Dubai . To celebrate a special occasion most people prefer to dine out. Be it business or leisure, dining out is no longer just a pastime for those living in Dubai or anywhere else in the world. It symbolises the new era where everyone has acquired a taste for glamour and passion.

Flavors from all over the world are represented in Dubai, as the food reflects the ethnic backgrounds of Dubai's peoples. Standards of international cuisine in Dubai are high and the choice is wide. Top class European restaurants in the city's hotels range from French to Italian, Spanish to Greek and British to German. Asia is equally well represented with many fine Chinese, Japanese, Thai,Filipino and Korean restaurants, as well as numerous outlets featuring cuisine from the Asian subcontinent.

There are many Arabic restaurants in Dubai. Emirati, Moroccan, Lebanese, Persian and other Arabic dishes are available at most restaurants. At many Arabic restaurants shisha pipes, also known as nargili are served before or after the meal. These water pipes are smoked with a variety of aromatic flavors like strawberry, apple, mint, cocktail etc. French, Indian, North American, Caribbean, English, German, Italian whatever the country, it is represented through Dubai's restaurants. Dubai, where every culture eats together.

Dining In Dubai can help you to find a suitablerestaurants for you.

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